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You’ve heard his masterful, soul-tinged voice for years as vocalist for the legendary rock band Santana. Also, with artists from Enrique Iglesias to Patti Labelle. Now Andy Vargas has emerged as “Latin Soul’s” favorite son.

Andy has taken nearly 20 world tours with his musical hero, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist and bandleader Carlos Santana. When not performing in packed arenas across the globe, Andy has worked on a range of projects with top names like Yanni, Slight Return, and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas.

Despite his demanding performance schedule, Andy still finds time to continue crafting his own music and band Souleros – called the “New Sound of Brown-eyed Soul” – is a rich blend of traditional Latin ballads (Boleros), funk, soul and R&B. It’s also the name of Andy’s band, which includes many of the all-star musicians that Andy grew up with in the business.

Not surprisingly for someone who rose from modest means to stardom, one of Andy’s most important endeavors is the Andy Vargas Foundation, a non-profit which provides at-risk youths with life-changing opportunities to study and work in the music industry.

The foundation uses national and local mentors from all aspects of the music industry to engage, educate, inspire and motivate students to succeed in music and in life.

Welcome to the sounds of Andy Vargas & Souleros.


Andy Vargas is one of the most impressive talents and human beings I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Not only is he one of the GREAT VOICES of our time and an incredible performer, he is also an accomplished DJ, producer, songwriter, and all-around visionary.

As the lead singer with Santana I’ve seen Andy electrify tens of thousands of people with stunning, joyful performances, sustaining a level of intensity and vocal brilliance with his unmistakable sound that soars over the band and straight into people’s hearts.

In the studio his craft, focus and instincts make him a joy to work with. He brings the same level of performance intensity and emotional connection to the vocal booth as he does to the stage. Beyond all that, he’s honest, ethical, has a huge heart and an endlessly positive spirit.

Andy’s multiple solo projects (DJ sets, live performance, programming, writing, production and high profile live events) are an indication of his “always-on” creative vision.

"If you’re lucky enough to work with Andy you will experience firsthand just how much he brings to any project."
Michael Carey
Producer / Songwriter / Creative Director: Resonation